Season 11/12

Noam Omer, Painting and Drawing
22.9.11 – 18.11.11
Lucian & Me: In similarity to Lucian Freud - whose portrait figures in the present collection - Noam Omer shows an obsessive interest in human face, flesh and skin. Still, Omer's acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings don’t render, or manipulate or penetrate the flesh but rather, the "negative" of the flesh, transforming the meaty, greasy, sensual reality into an almost airy phenomenon, devoid of weight and physical consistency.
Zeev Gross, Painting and Collage

22.9.11 – 18.11.11

The Blind Woundmaker: Using industrial paint, milk and collage technique, the works of Zeev Gross reveal a rocky, arid and barren landscape. The traces of human presence appear as opaque black stains - images that are almost sterile and somewhat engineered. Gross depicts an illusion of place, interweaving with an apocalyptic ecological prophecy. Guest curator: Yehudit Matzkel.
Ori Levin, Light and Sound

22.9.11 – 18.11.11

Tit for Tat: Suspense, action, melodrama, slapstick and horror in a small space. Named after a short silent movie of Laurel and Hardy, the "Tit for Tat" installation creates magic moments of light and sound, where Ori Levin examines the film apparatus with a grin  "Tit for Tat" is the first PROJECT ROOM exhibition in Kayma Gallery, open to art students and experimental projects.
Gad Tik, Painting and Drawing

17.11.11 – 7.1.12

"The Blue Soldier and My little Sister" presents oil paintings on canvas and mixed technique drawings on paper selected from the last decade: colorful everyday life scenes saturated with a strange, perverse atmosphere, where human beings are united by their impossibility to communicate. Gad Tik's vigorous brush and exuberant imagination merge pathos with satire, eroticism with history, dark humor with radical social critique.
Daniel Lehman, Ink on paper

17.11.11 – 7.1.12

"Random Constructions" presents for the first time in Israel a selection of Daniel Lehman's finest drawings on paper. Active in stage setting, experimental cinema, oulipian writing and linguistic game creation, the Belgian artist uses his Memory as only model – "that single wholeness that defines me, scattered over manifold pasts, my own and those of others". With a pen and Indian ink, Lehman creates series of intricate black and white configurations playing with visible and invisible shapes: a delight for the eye and the intellect.
Side Effects 2 - Group Exhibition

19.1.12 – 10.3.12

Contemporary Israeli and international photographers, painters, sculptors, architects, poets and new media artists deal with spatial fabric and urban life: Gilad Ophir, Tomer Azulay, Liat Elbling, Monty Alon, Noa Arbel, Nir Artzi, Asnaby, Mirele B., Navah de Shalit, Ilan Dotan, Bruce Waldman, Yehuda Vizan, Zvi Tolkovsky, Tova Turin, Oded Carmeli, Daniel Lehman, Amir Menasheof, Shlomo Serry, Noam Omer, Yoram Fogel, Melanie Rozencwajg, Ricardo Rojstaczer, Ronen Sharabani, Yaron Steinberg, Amir Tomashov.
Mirele B., Sculpture and Painting

22.3.12 – 12.5.12

Ex Voto: The spiritual world of autodidact artist Mirele B. is entirely connected to the elements of her creation. Mirele gathers derelict bits and pieces she finds around the city's waste grounds, organic fragments as well as rusty industrial leftovers. She treats and transforms the raw material with a sensual touch, avoiding any show or veneer of elegance. Her sculptures - bold, quasi-ritual, quasi-theatrical gestures- seem to be rooted in a disappearing culture, evoking a religious ritual, a spirit that rises from archaic times.

Zvi Tolkovsky, Painting

22.3.12 – 12.5.12

Zvi Tolkovsky, Painting 2010-2012: Mixing oil and collage, Tolkovsky's new paintings pull up the curtain on theatrical visions, more dizzying than ever. The absurd and carnival elements always present in his work are now woven into stories and pieces of stories dealing with war, madness, evil, wanderings, passion, death, and art. They throw the spectator all over, not leaving him in peace. They confront him with fantasy as history and history as fantasy. Curator: Irena Gordon

Merkaz - Zik Group, Sculpture

31.5.12 – 14.7.12
During its 27 years of existence, ZIK Group has gained recognition in Israel and abroad due to its spectacular performances in public places, festivals and alternative spaces. Examining the complex connections between time, place, concept and action, Zik Group has turned sculptural installations into lively events, culminating in festive parades and fireworks. It has built monumental structures of wood, integrating movie and sound, and then torching them in dramatic effects of collective catharsis.

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