Presently Speaking - Israeli Outsider Art

Presently Speaking - Israeli Outsider Art

"Presently Speaking" - a group exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture, raising the issue of Contemporary Outsider Art in Israel. The exhibition brings together formally educated artists, self taught artists and artists working in the protected workshops of Akim (the National Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in Israel).

Beyond their personal and professional variety, the ten artists of "Presently Speaking" express their most personal inner voice - a passionate blend of anxiety, love and rebellion. Using a direct visual language, their work provokes an instant emotion that doesn’t necessarily pass through the intellect, calling for a rich, obsessive, stirring, exaggerated, moving, sometimes suffocating art. Here, the illogical guides the logic of creation. In this sense, Outsider Art appears as the opposite of Conceptual Art:wild, primitive, unconscious.

Israeli Outsider Art is, presently speaking, more relevant than ever: an open process of continuous renewal, of untamed free creation.

Artists: David Isaacs,Dan Allon, Mirele B., Odelia Gal, Denis Dukhano, Zvi Tolkovsky, Liron Lupu, Genady Zechmaister, Oren Shmuelevitch and Nirit Sharafi.
Curators: Mireille & Philippe Brandes

Special thanks to Ronit Snapir and Nadav Inbar (Akim)

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