Bruce Waldman - Etching

Bruce Waldman - Etching

Artist Michael Kovner about Bruce WaIdman:

“I have known Bruce Waldman for more than 30 years and it is an honor for me to have the opportunity to write about his work.

Waldman is first and foremost a print artist, who started with etching, and later specialized in a technique called monotype. This technique requires far-reaching skills and outstanding know-how: like the surgeon or the violinist, the artist working with monotype must rely entirely on his capacity to link together head and hand.

Waldman is not religious, and still, his life and art (who can tell the two apart?) are profoundly Jewish. His father was a warm human being, a "mench", an atheist and socialist who emigrated from Eastern Europe to Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, where he worked night and day to make a living. I am sharing this biographical story to shed light on the spiritual world of Waldman who, like NY artist Phillip Guston, encountered life from the very bottom. He was confronted with sorrow from childhood and understood harshness and suffering first hand, while choosing humor and irony in order to deal with them.

The world revealed by Waldman's art reminds us of Kafka's and Dostoyevsky's, where human hope crashes when faced with the barriers of a reality mocking destiny. This perception includes the universe and nature: in his prints of apes, elephants and hippopotamus, animal and human conditions reflect the same fate.

A strong energy and dynamic power emanate from Waldman's way of working. He blends virtuosity with irony, and wisdom with a tormented psyche that is harsh upon itself and others. His distinctive gaze imbues a deep sense of trust towards a man who casts upon us his creatures and creation. We do not feel victimized by the artist or part of an emotional manipulation. On the contrary, we feel empathy for the characters and the artist behind them. Undoubtedly, Waldman's "New-York types and other animals" will remain engraved, strolling in our souls for a very long time.”

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