Sarah Nina Meridor - Painting

Sarah Nina Meridor- Painting

Meridor's art crosses two traditions - the one transmitted by the Old Masters and the one known as Abstract Expressionism. Spiritual by meaning, both are united and eventually superseded by her unique technique, her sensitivity for light and darkness, and a deep understanding of time and movement.

Whether diminishing form and color scheme to an absolute minimum in the abstract, monochromatic language, or elaborating the human figure through delicate, figurative compositions, her dual creation constantly engages in a discourse between visible and invisible, linear and circular, form and expression. Sarah Nina Meridor's oil paintings create a metaphysical space, where the chasm between abstract and figurative art is mended, while opposites create a new aesthetic whole.

Sarah Nina Meridor (born Ukraine 1976) lives and works in Jerusalem. She graduated in graphic design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and in painting at the Jerusalem Studio School and at the International School for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture of Umbria, Italy. Her paintings are held in private collections in Israel, USA, and Italy.

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