Ricardo Roy - Photography, video

Ricardo Roy - Photography, video

The first step of Ricardo Roy's work is the "shooting" of a model. R.R sets up a contrasted lighting in no way conventional and so challenges, he says, "his ability to foresee the outcome", meaning the photograph. He collects all the evidences and then creates a digital collage which he likes to call a "puzzle", as if there were an "original" image he is to re-assemble. By means of juxtaposition, light and shadow echoes the collage technique, as they both actively define the form. 

J.T: Would you say that these collages are portraits of the people you chose to photograph?

R.R: No, I would rather think of them as the portrait or the documentation of the meeting itself.

J.T: An organic document?

R.R: Maybe...yes, the organism can be seen as the result of the meeting with my male models.

Between horror and grace, the uncanny seems to swallow us: an instance where something can be familiar yet foreign at the same time (S.Freud). Rejection or expulsion is for Ricardo Roy the beginning of the creation process, for what has been rejected is the formless, the raw substance to which he ought to give form, a form that stands on its own right. Seduced or disgusted, one is neither at ease nor insensible in front of the headless monsters of Roy's imagery. 

Jonathan Touitou

Ricardo Roy (born 1963, Buenos Aires) lives and works in Tel Aviv. He graduated in photography and digital media at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem

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