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Side Effects

As for pharmaceutical drugs, cities provoke side effects: human, spatial, symbolic. An international group of contemporary artists, architects and stage designers offer a surrealistic approach of this urban phenomenon, a poetic vision between dream and nightmare. In all their works, the city acts as a living organism, producing unexpected, unplanned or shocking Side Effects.

Sergey Engel's giant fish wandering along the streets of the Metropolis, Eunice Figueiredo fantasmatic sea-reflection of Patrick Geddes plan for Tel Aviv - both Israeli painters and architects; the miniature drawers jutting out of compressed building blocks, by New-York based artist Nivi Alroy; the platonic beaux art excrement by French artist Daniel Cacouault ; French artist Julien Roux's obsessive street-labyrinths and monsters; the vanishing high-rise cityscape of Parisian video artists Melanie Rozencwajg and Jhava Chikli; London based artist Gabriella Schutz with her repetitive depictions of sterile gestures in non-place environments; Israeli artist Dror Karta with his critical, spooky interpretation of urban consumerism.

Three installations of Shenkar stage design students Sivan Ronat, Tal Brimer and Yaara Barzel add a mind-blowing dimension to the experience, while questioning the relation between theater space, architecture and contemporary art.

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