Annual Report

Annual Report

First "Annual Report' - group show

Gallery and guest artists celebrate Kayma’s First Anniversary:  the exhibition presents the Gallery's artistic approach (until now) with an eclectic group show: painting, photography, 3D, video, print, recycling and sound.

Artists: Noa Arbel, Tami Bezaleli- Shohet, Ido Bar-El, Uriel Miron, Gilad Ophir, Shahar Sivan, Mireille Liber, Eyal Fried, Ra’anan Harlap, Arnon Toussia Cohen, Shiri Brandes, Gavriel Kricheli, Rivka Potchebutzky, Alexander Vojik, Nomi Bruckmann, Rolanda Teicher Yekutiel

This gallery is empty.

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