Season 09 / 10

Annual Report
September 10, 2009

10.09.09 - 10.10.09

Gallery and guest artists celebrate Kayma’s First Anniversary: a feast of painting, photography, sculpture, video and sound.

Juan Carlos Bronstein - Painting

21.01.10 – 6.03.10

"Swoop". Leaving behind the figurative language of his previous work, Juan Carlos Bronstein sets free expression and gesture with a new series of big format oil paintings. Fascinated by the flight of vultures, Bronstein's captures the flock in movement as dark bodies in an orange "hamseen" sky, hovering above our heads, waiting. Carrying on a spiral, baroque approach to space, he transforms the scene into a magnificent choreography - cosmic, archaic, timeless: just as the flight of the birds.

Side Effects

31.10.09 - 26.12.09

As for pharmaceutical drugs, cities provoke side effects: human, spatial, symbolic. An international group of contemporary artists, architects and stage designers offer a surrealistic approach of this urban phenomenon, a poetic vision between dream and nightmare. In all their works, the city acts as a living organism, producing unexpected, unplanned or shocking Side Effects.

Nekoda Singer - Mixed media

21.01.10 – 6.03.10

"The Dump of Myths". Mixing painting and found objects, Nekoda Singer creates a contemporary 3D space for the revival of national, religious and artistic myths. His work combines two types of waste – the spiritual waste of historical myths and the material waste of daily life. Instead of putting the leftovers from history into a coffin, Singer inserts them into found drawers and creates a project of true artistic renaissance

Noa Arbel, Hillah Nevo, Sharon Etgar - Painting

18.03.10 – 24.04.10

Women in Alchemy presents three Israeli artists - Hilla Nevo, Noa Arbel and Sharon Etgar, and their search into timeless issues inherent to oil painting. Working as archaic alchemists, Noa, Sharon and Hila use their studios as secluded laboratories, trying to recreate the lost secrets of oil techniques for a contemporary public. Light and darkness, texture and tonality, harmony or drama, are at the center of their patient but passionate quest.

Giyora Bergel, Elyasaf Kowner - Painting, photography, video

13.05.10 - 19.06.10

"Allah Yustur & Partners". Both in their forties, Giyora Bergel and Elyasaf Kowner are second generation to Holocaust survivors. Warmth and aggression, humor and violence, love and disgust coexist in their personal history as in their work. Giyora is mainly a painter; Elyasaf is a photographer and video artist. Still, they don’t hesitate to experiment in other mediums, like sculpture, installation, video and collage for Giyora, painting, poetry and music for Elyasaf.

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