Tami Bezaleli - Shohet.

Tami Bezaleli - Shohet.

Leaving Houses/ Painting, Drawing

Tami Bezaleli-Shohet exhibits a new series of medium format paintings, mixing oil, graphite and pen techniques with an astonishing skill. Tami, Jerusalem-based autodidact artist, teaches at the Israel Museum and the Bezalel Academy. She is fascinated by the imaginative ways people improvise with "bric-a-brac" materials to close, shelter, protect and fence their private territory.

The title of the exhibition "Leaving Houses" holds a double meaning: we, human beings, leave our past houses behind, but at the same time those houses abandon us and start to live a life of their own.

As author Dorit Peleg writes about Tami's work: "The life that is no more cries out from these walls: absence has enormous power. The sense of to have been/to have gone, so hard, perhaps impossible, to live with in the everyday, lives here in its full strength. Lives, and wounds."

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