Shoshana Heimann

Shoshana Heimann

 Shoshana Heimann 1923-2009 / Woodcuts

Parallel to the retrospective shows of Shoshana Heimann at The Hecht Museum and Wilfrid Museum, Kayma Gallery is proud to present the artist's original woodcuts, most of them engraved when she was in her early thirties. Shown for the first time as a comprehensive exhibit, the works address various themes, such as love and nude, childhood and family, friendship between man and pets, ethnic scenes and street life. The dialogue between the wooden plates and the prints on paper reflects the artist's strong sensitivity for composition and light, playing with the negative space in a subtle yet vigorous way recalling European Expressionism.

Student of Israeli sculptor Rudy Lehman, Shoshana Heimann developed a distinct language in wood and prints, interweaving the emerging Israeli culture with modern primitivism.  Her feminine responsiveness to simple human subjects and her strong sculptural carved line blend into far-reaching aesthetic statements, carrying identity and creativity - a lively source of inspiration for contemporary artists.

Heimann passed away one month before the opening of her exhibition, at the age 86.


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