Noa Arbel

Noa Arbel

Splendor of Night/Oil Painting


September 2007: After spending 8 years painting Landscapes and Cityscapes in New York and Maryland, Noa Arbel, 33, returns to her native Israel. She settles in Tel-Aviv where everything appears to her in a kind of hectic experience, definitely more new than familiar.


It is during her first six month that she executes her "Splendor of Night" series, a dozen, big format, oil paintings showed at the Kayma Gallery in May-July 2008.


Night after night, Noa goes out and sketches empty streets and derelict buildings in the south of the city – as if she was still looking for the anonymous industrial sites that she loved so much to paint in Manhattan.


Her encounter with the urban landscapes is not less a unique venture into the darkness of the city than a deep penetration into the human soul.


See catalogue of the exhibition with Yoram Kaniuk's article.


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