Einfühlung x 6

Einfühlung x 6

Photograhy, Video, Scupture

Four photographers, a video artist and a sculptor present various forms of empathy in their work.

The concept of empathy was originally introduced in the field of art by German philosophy as "Einfühlung", or "feeling-in": how does the artist project (or doesn't project) himself or herself into the feelings of others? What is the nature of the viewer's emotional experience?

The empathic relationship of proximity and involvement is especially relevant today when creativity and aesthetic experience have to find their way in a context saturated by images, information and technical communication means.

·        Photographer Arnon Toussia Cohen accompanied a class of Israeli pupils on the traditional "back to the roots" tour of Poland, and tried to capture their inner transformation when confronted with the horror of concentration camps.

·        Lea Golda Holterman presents an accurate series of portraits realized in private rooms – "the final act of a speechless dialogue".

·        Eyal Fried explores the Israeli periphery, photographing children and adults at magic moments of their every day life.

·        Alic Trossman observes his parents in their tenement flat, dealing with their estrangement of Russian emigrants and ageing couple against the background of their domestic environment.

·        Sculptor Shoshi Ciechanowski has created a beehive of chained human figures, their observing eyes expressing what their body cannot.

·        Yaron Lapid, video-artist living in London, shows a 15 minute obsessive night motion picture of a naked human animal lost on a sidewalk of Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, trying desperately to stand up.

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