Arnon Toussia-Cohen

Arnon Toussia-Cohen



Naked Repose/ Photography

For nine months, day after day, Arnon Toussia-Cohen placed his camera on a railway platform of the Tel Aviv University Station. Hidden between the crowds, he discreetly shot people inside the wagons: commuters back from work, young women, soldiers and other anonymous passengers, all in a setting of mystery.


Toussia-Cohen deepened darkness by erasing all details, still, as in Vermeer's painting, one can feel a light coming through a window. However, unlike the ancient paintings grabbing time in an eternal and infinite dimension, Arnon's work catches duration in its most fugitive apparition: fragile and passing instants between two stations - between two lives. As in Walker Evans 1940 NYC subway photographs, “ The guard is down and the mask is off, even more than when in lone bedrooms (where there are mirrors). People’s faces are in naked repose down in the subway".


Philippe Brandes, from the catalogue of the exhibition

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