Lectures & Gallery Talks

Meeting the artists of Einf├╝hlung x 6

Friday 31.10.08  Meeting the artists of Einfühlung x 6 - with the participation of photographer Guilad Ophir

Leaving Houses : A Dialogue with the Artists

Friday 28.11.08 : Meeting the artists: Tami Bezaleli - "Leaving Houses" and Mireille Brandes - "Mimics", - with the participation of Rav Roberto Arbib, Director of Midreshet Iyun, Tel Aviv.

Contemporary Art and Yiddish culture

Fryday July 17, 12:00

A meeting with art historian Doctor Gidon Ofrat, writer Michal Govrin, art lecturer Roy Greenwald and the director of Yung Yiddish, Mendy Cahan, animated by curator Gilad Ophir.

Side Effects - Culture Brunch
Friday, 11th December:
Beaux Art Academy Prof. Daniel Cacoault (Paris), Master of Arteology
Architect & Urban Planner Philippe Brandes, Curator of the exhibition
& Actress Michal Shtamler, Bet Lessin Theater, Khan Theater:
Contemporary Music with Luca Lombardi

Saturday, 24 th. April 2010

One of major European composers, Luca Lombardi, will speak about his work in contemporary music and his artistic reasons to move from Rome to Jaffa.

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